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Professional Project Consultancy For Organisations And PMO Professionals

Are You Looking For Expert Project Management Advice?

Based in Central London and offering project management consultancy across the UK, PMO2DAY is trusted by many as the 'go to' business for helping organisations to excel in their project implementation, delivery and management. Find out more about how we can help you or your organisation below.

Setting Up Project/Program/Portfolio Office Structures

Are you looking to establish a project, program, or portfolio office?


Our expert project management consultants will work closely with you and your company to understand your unique organisational needs and goals. We will help to design and implement bespoke solutions that are aligned with your industry best practices, allowing you to effectively manage projects and programs, allocate necessary resources and optimise and decision-making.

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Design And Set Up Of Project Management Processes, Templates, Methodologies And Frameworks

All successful project management is reliant on strong foundations. These foundations are your processes, templates, methodologies, and frameworks. We have over 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing these foundations and our experienced team will collaborate with you to create bespoke project management frameworks that are suited to your organisation’s values and goals.  From initial project creation to the winding down and closing of it, we will advise on how to create comprehensive processes and templates that will streamline project execution, enhance communication, and improve project outcomes.

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Advice On Selection Of RFP, PPM And Project/Program Management Applications And Tools

Having a well-defined project management process and template is useless if it is not relevant to your industry and organisation target. Therefore, selecting the correct project and program management applications and tools can significantly impact your ability to deliver successful projects. Our experienced consultants be on hand to guide you through the selection process, assessing your requirements and suggesting the most appropriate tools for your specific needs.

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We also offer professional project management development courses for individuals looking to brush up on certain skills or to take their career to the next level. Let us help provide effective solutions today.

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